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Links posted on our Facebook "Fan" page.  Some of the best links are shared by homeschoolers just like you!

Science Kids!

Science Kids!
Science Kids is the home of science & technology on the Internet for children around the world.  Learn more about the amazing world of science by enjoying our fun science experiments, cool facts, online games, free activities, ideas, lesson plans, photos, quizzes, videos & science fair projects. You can also find teaching resources and ideas organized by topic.  Shared by Lisa W. Lisa has her own homeschooling blog: Loving2Learn.

Science Activities for Young Children

Early Years Experience: Science
Posted in last week's links, this site is included again because it contains such fun preschool science activities, and I wanted to include it with my favorite science links.  The simple science experiments on the Early Years Experience science pages provide fun activities with Water, Wind, Food and Drink, Sight and Sound, Magnets and Colors.

Activities from The Science Explorer

Illustrations by Jason Gorski
Illustration by Jason Gorski
Get messy, get airborne, get loud, get shocked!  Try these free activities from the book The Science Explorer, produced by the Exploratorium.  (click 'Exploritorium' to check out their site, it's amazing!)  Each simple experiment, includes illustrations and step-by-step directions.  Scientific principals demonstrated include: chemistry, light and color, engineering, electricity and more!

The Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus
The Magic School Bus: A BUSFUL of fun, free Games and Activities, all about your favorite topics from The Magic School Bus.  Activities include the latest science news for kids, printables, quizzes and easy science experiments. There's also a Thematic Index: Narrow subjects by checking the themes you are interested in.

Just for Kids!

University of Illinois Extension
University of Illinois Extension, Just for Kids. Interactive, audio-visual lessons are directed toward elementary and middle school students. Topics include: The Great Plant Escape, Forever Friends - Journey to Asia, A Walk in the woods, Where Your Food Comes From, Shake Rattle & Slide - Earthquakes volucanoes and glaciers, Tree House Weather Kids, Lets Talk about Insects and the Secret Life of Trees.

Science Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool Science from Not Just Cute
Authored by Amanda Morgan, teacher, consultant---she holds a BA in Elementary and Early Education, in addition to an MS in Child Development.  This amazing blog features articles and activities for preschoolers---in a multitude of categories! I became a fan after reading her post Spiders Vs. Insects - Breaking it Down for Preschoolers. Here's a link to see more of her Preschool Science Activities.

Zoom . Science . Activities

Zoom Science Activities
Kids can perform Science Experiments and activities from the PBS television series Zoom! You can do Zoom experiments any where with free Printables and Activity Pages too!  Experiments teach scientific principals including: Chemistry, The Five Senses, Engineering, Forces, Life Science, Patterns, Sound, Structures and Water.
Planet Science offers young scientists inspiration and excitement that will support their study of science.  Their mission is to tickle your curiosity, excite your interest, and unleash your passions in science.  Planet Science can reach you as a newsletter to your mailbox, or be a purely web experience. All the material on this site is appropriate for educational use.

National Geographic KIDS

National Geographic KIDS!
National Geographic KIDS  is an interactive site, with all the amazing photos and information you've come to expect from the magazine, produced by the National Geographic Society. The site features Animals, People and Places each month with facts, games, activities, LOTS of videos, stories, photos, blogs and related links.

Science with Me!

Science with Me!
Science with Me! is a free educational science website for elementary age children. Their website offers science animations, movies, games, science coloring book pages, worksheets, fun science projects for kids and stories to help young children learn scientific principles and science the fun way. Another link from Lisa W.  Thanks Lisa! Again, Lisa's blog is: Loving2Learn


TryEngineering offers a variety of lesson plans that align with education standards to allow teachers and students to apply engineering principles in the classroom.  The training module outlines how TryEngineering lessons can benefit your students, provides tips on how these lessons can be integrated with other subject areas and offers background information on engineering and engineering careers. This link was shared by Joan Brennan, of Brennan Innovators, developer of the Reading Focus Card

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