Heart of the Matter Online Conference Ticket Giveaway!

Heart of the Matter Online Conference is coming soon!
Click on the names for more information about them.

Tyler Hogan: Bright Ideas Press

Kendra Fletcher: Author of Preschoolers and Peace

“Science Jim” Mueller: Author of Bite-Size Physics

Jamie Martin: Author of Steady Days

Leigh Bortins: Founder of Classical Conversations

Bethany LeBedz: Author of Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom

Maggie Hogan: Owner of Bright Ideas Press

Attorney David Gibbs: Homeschool Legal Advantage Attorney

Karen Metzger: Homeschool mom and speaker

Dr. Jay Wile: Author of the “Exploring Creation with” series

Terri Johnson: Founder of Knowledge Quest

Bonita Lillie: Author of Hands-On Essays

Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau: Author of Suddenly Homeschooling

Karen Metzger: Homeschool mom and speaker

Dari Mullins: Author of Galloping the Globe
The HOTM Online Conference is coming soon!
To Enter: Simply leave a comment telling me at least one session you would be interested in.  I will use a random number generator to pick the three winners on Sunday, June 19th.  Winners will be notified Monday, June 20th.

Go over to the Conference page to see details about the speakers.  Click on each speaker’s name to see specifics about the seminars offered.

Thanks for reading. Please, keep telling me what you like!

The HOTM Online Conference is August 8-12, 2011. You can register here at the price of $14.95 per ticket.

Comments? I love them!


Erin Rosencrantz
06/14/2011 5:18pm

I would love to hear all of them, but probably the most useful for us at the moment will be Kendra Fletcher's Preschoolers, Preparation, and Peace.

06/15/2011 8:35am

I see 4 that I would love to hear! Kendra Fletcher, Jamie Martin, Karen Metzger, and Dari Mullins. What a cool giveaway! Thanks Robin!

Robin Day
06/16/2011 1:38pm

New season for me. I'll have to say Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau is the most relevant for right now. However, love Kendra Fletcher and always look forward to her wisdom.

Heidi Vance
06/16/2011 7:52pm

This will be our first year home schooling, so I would probably benefit from everything. But, the most appealing ones right now are Bethany LeBedz and Karen Metzger.

06/20/2011 9:14pm

I just heard about this & was told to go over & "enter now"!

I enjoy reading Jamie Martin's blog & would enjoy hearing Karen Metzger.

However, I always get something helpful from Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau's blog & her topic is what I need to hear as I have one entering the 9th grade this year. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

06/21/2011 6:25am

i would like to see bethany lebedz, "science jim" mueller, and dari mullins. they all sounds great though. some of the speakers i have heard before. sounds like a great online conference!!

06/21/2011 7:03am

I would love to listen in to many of these! I think steady days would give me the extra motivation that I need.

06/27/2011 11:24am

I would love to learn about literature with history and geography. I need inspiration for this year. Thank you for offering the tickets.


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